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Posted By: tess (ip72-201-113-130.ph.ph.cox.net)
Date: Tuesday, 4 December 2007, at 10:21 p.m.

Website Optimization

Search engine optimization or (SEO) is a coin with two sides. One side considers all of the factors that the search engines themselves use to index pages. The other employs these techniques within the website itself to optimize for the best possible effect on search engine optimization algorithms. It is important to know where and how to employ these techniques on your website. Probably the most important thing is to avoid doings things that search engines hate.

One of the biggest is to make sure that the quality content that you have on your site can actually be seen by the search engines. Avoid using text that is embedded in graphics or flash files. Even the highest quality content is useless in increasing your page ranking if it is invisible to search engines.

Another thing is to make sure that your website’s navigation structure is not only thorough as to allow your visitors to easily move through your site but also so that the links themselves add to your page ranking. This way you maximize the benefit of your links.

The pages on your website should also be created with SEO in mind. Your titles should be relevant to both your content and the keywords used by net surfers to find your site in the first place. By using these factors properly you can maximize the rewards and gain an increase in ranking that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Using all of the SEO tools you have at your disposal you will not only gain their maximum effects individually but the combination of all of them used in concert will produce increases in page ranking much greater than any of them could do either by themselves or working independently.

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