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Here is a killer tip for success in IM

Posted By: Fain Randall (pool-71-113-85-37.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net)
Date: Saturday, 7 June 2008, at 1:57 a.m.

Effectiveness is the means by which you will excel in this business venture far beyond that of your peers. Developing life-changing effectiveness is really very simple. That does not mean that it is going to be easy.

Now, the first element of this effectiveness system is simply a tool that you can use, starting right now, to produce double, triple, or quadruple your effectiveness on any given task -- immediately.
As you begin to tackle the tasks necessary to get your business up and running, I want you to try and commit to one specific practice. That practice will greatly multiply your effectiveness and productivity, and at the same time minimize the time that you invest into that given task.

So, as you go into your time of working on this business building process, I want you to consistently ask yourself a question every single hour. That question is this:

Is what I am doing right now the most important thing that I can do in order to achieve my primary goal(s)?

If there are two primary goals that you need to achieve, then fully focus on the most important of the two until it is done and then fully focus on the second. DON'T GET DISTRACTED.

You will be amazed at how easily you are distracted/sidetracked, especially when it comes to building a business on the Internet. Checking e-mails, web-surfing, watching videos, reading sales letters, etc., can all be interesting things, and every single one of them, if they are not specifically required for you to accomplish your primary goal(s), are nothing more than time wasting distractions.

So if you need to set a timer, watch, phone alarm, or whatever else that can remind you every hour to ask yourself that question -- is what I am doing right now the most important thing that I can do in order to achieve my primary goal(s) -- then go ahead and do so.
You should not need an alarm for long, if you even need one at all. You see, once you begin to condition your mind to ask that question, you will ask it consistently. This tool is extremely effective, and as you can see, very simple.

The difficulty lies not in the tool itself, but in our tendency to continue to do what we want to do, despite the fact that it is not getting us any closer to accomplishing our goal. Some people will be able to do this without a great deal of discomfort. Most, however, will not.
And so this is where it takes an increasing level of discipline.
But if you will invest in the process, you will find a profoundly multiplied level of effectiveness and efficiency, not only in the setup and maintenance of your business, but also, if you use this tool in other areas of life, a profoundly multiplied level of effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect of your life.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are testing your autoresponder service. And your autoresponder service sends you an automated message to your personal e-mail inbox. You go to your e-mail inbox, find that the message has been sent, and see dozens of e-mail messages there.
So while you're there, you figure you will check those e-mails. You read through all of the e-mails, responding to a few, deleting a bunch of others, and saving some in files so that you can read them later.

One of the e-mails is from a family member. It is something that she says you have to see. So you click on it, it opens up, and it is some funny little e-mail thingy that everyone is forwarding to everyone else. It's kind of funny, but on that particular page you see advertisements for optical illusions.
You're a little bit interested in the amazing things that optical illusions can do, so you click on the link and are brought to a site where there are tons of really cool optical illusions. So you begin to click on them, and most of them are incredibly interesting...

You get what I'm saying don't you?

It's very easy to get distracted online. No doubt you have dozens of examples where you were looking for something online, and in two hours time you are somewhere totally different than you were when you started looking for that specific something, and you're still no closer to finding it.

This is an easy way to kill your chances at creating a successful online business. So I want to try and break you of that tendency. This little tool, if you use it consistently, will empower you to get infinitely more done in an infinitesimal amount of time.

Use It!

If you are asking yourself, as often as possible -- is what I'm doing right now the most important thing that I can do to achieve my primary goal(s) -- then every time you find yourself doing something that has nothing to do with setting up your business system, or, is something that does have to do with setting up your business system, but is not associated with your primary goal(s), then stop what you are doing, however important or fun it may be, and put the focus back on to the tasks necessary to accomplish your primary goal(s).

This is the difficult part -- forcing ourselves to do what we need to do instead of what we want to do. If you can master this, you will demonstrate yourself as an individual who has a profound capacity for effectiveness and efficiency. You will excel in the workplace above all of your peers. And you will establish yourself as an Internet entrepreneur in a minimal amount of time.

Unfortunately, you will also be cutting out of your life many of the little distractions that tend to make your life what it is. In reality this is a good thing. If you spend a lot of time watching movies, playing video games, watching TV, surfing the Internet, etc., then you may find that using this tool in the everyday aspects of life totally challenges your way of living.

You will probably find that an overwhelming amount of your time is spent on things that neither better your life, nor bring you closer to the achievement of wealth. And when I say wealth, I am talking about more than just becoming rich. I am referring to a life that is filled with abundance - in all it's realms.

This is Fain Randall reminding you that if you want to "Get To Know Success" you are going to have to swim upstream.

The E-Matrix Business Machine


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    Fain Randall (pool-71-113-85-37.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) -- Saturday, 7 June 2008, at 1:57 a.m.

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