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Objecting to being sold to is hurting your profits

Posted By: Veit Schenk (pD9E9417C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
Date: Monday, 30 June 2008, at 8:55 a.m.

Picture this….

… there you are in the laundry room of the Student Union waiting for the tumble-drier to finish shredding your socks and T-shirts. When suddenly you are approached by a random stranger who strikes up a conversation, probably around the speed at which the tumble-drier eats your coins faster than it dries your clothing.

Everything goes fine … and then the stranger hits you with

“… so, what are you doing on Sunday?”

(uh, could be good, heck, I’m a computer scientist, so being asked out is not something that happens very often)

“… a few friends and I are getting together to XXXX ”

for the purpose of this example, it doesn’t matter what XXXX is (no, it wasn’t about drinking cheap Australian beer) — basically what happened, I was being sold to and I didn’t like it. And I didn’t care about the rest of the message and left ….

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Nobody really likes being sold to.

And, unfortunately, it also means that you are hurting your profits.

Here’s why:

Everytime you shut yourself off to “being sold to”, you stop learning. And that’s a big mistake. Instead, what you could consider doing (if you really wanted to improve your sales skills, and you do, don’t you?), is to fully engage and take note of everthing they do!

Learn how they do it, what sales techniques they are using, how they build rapport instantly (the laundry person had me from the start, and only blew it when he hit on XXXX which wasn’t my cup of tea — at all. Had they asked me how I felt about XXXX, the outcome could have been very different)

Try to figure out WHY they are using certain techniques, WHEN they’re using them and HOW they’re applying them.

Yes, you could argue that you don’t really want to learn from someone who clearly tried to “sell (to) you”. But, remember: there will be plenty of people who do want to hear that exact same message.

So, if you bump into an exquisit sales-person, whether they are selling to you or not (if they’re not, then that’s just you thinking they’re not, because you are actually interested in what they have to offer, see paragraph above), pay attention, take notes and learn.

If you are interested in learning from outstanding sales-people, go to those free seminars that are financed by you purchasing paid-for seminars. You'll see them live, you probably get great content you wanted anyway AND you can learn from what they're doing. Only thing you must do is: be curious and open to learning when it comes to the sales pitch!

Let me know what you think




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