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7 Steps for Financial Freedom from home.

Posted By: Maak D (n058153023225.netvigator.com)
Date: Tuesday, 26 August 2008, at 10:11 a.m.

Here are the basic points describe how can ordinary people accumulate extra-ordinary wealth

Within 2-3 years time working from home. Main pivot point to success on this is, you have to read below

7 steps and make practice daily basis. I assume that you know how to access Internet and basic

resources available online.

Step 1. SETUP:

Setup your tools most of them are available FREE from the net. Like Affiliate Programs, Auto-responders

Website creating tools, HTML idea and many more

ia) Connect your PC with Internet: I assume you have this connection. If you don't have please contact technical expert

in your locality to help you.

iib) Sign-up 5-8 Affiliate or home based Programs that give you

high return of income. If, you have all top rated home affiliate program

it is OK go-ahead with this If, you do not have currently Please find it from net or

see my site below.

Step 2: Website/Hosting:

At least you try to build your website If, you are not able to make yourself

you asked some one to do for you which will be minimal cost these days.

Find Domain name and Hosting Company- no need to invest much you just spend 100/year is OK.

I assume that you have a Credit card to get the Domain name and hosting service.

If, you know some idea to create website you should go step 2. But if, you are completely unknown about HTML and

basic idea please omit step 2 learn simple time and comeback this stage. Basically, once you join any affiliate program

they can supply you a unique personalized web site from which if any one create a sales you have been paid automatically

either by check or online how you setup to receiving your payment.

Step 3 Advertising:

It is no matter whether you have your own site or not? But, later or sooner it is necessary for you & should know how to

create or you paid some one to create for you. Here, now you have your own affiliate Programs, you have your personalize

automatically sales generating unique website. Rest is you have to send your site for others looks, how do you do? There are many

technique to advertised your site on the net. The Best is PPC- Pay Per Click Search Engine

Above these the most powerful to help to exist your business for long run. You add in PPC if some one click you paid money

it is paid add and most popular in the Net today. Google add, Yahoo search Marketing, Go Click, Find What, Ah-ha are the popular

one to try basic one until you will not be an expert.

Step4: Auto-responder.

Once all the things goes well, you perhaps making few affiliates everyday depending upon how do you work for your business

and how much you invest to achieve your return. Auto-responder give timely feedback as you instructed time interval to your

affiliates so that all affiliates will get information timely either it is news letter, Broadcast, mailing list info or more... I recommend you

to try this one Get-response which is better detail for work at home business.

Step 5: Write an Article

Now things goes well perhaps you may generate few sales which are automatically track and come to your bank account.

You try to write one Article a day and post it FREE or paid Article directory available online these days. If, you write one

article every day you can write 365 a year and if you posted each article 50 different directories then totally you advertised

365x50=18250 location it is not a joke. After one year later from only Article some one can fine your site 18250 location

in the net. Your will generate more and more sales from this way.

Step 6: Link Popularity

If you already created your own site to try to link others site in many ways like front page linking, Reciprocal Link

or one way link.. or many there are many link directories you can use and get help from them too.

Step 7 Monitoring:

You have to monitor all of your work faster each week(daily to weekly). I myself do below way.

i) Log-in and see any sales is generated from any program.

ii) See Link exchange all are in touch with your site.

iii) Monitor you PPC tracking ROI etc..if any adjustment is necessary do the same.

Hope you have enjoyed reading above article. Have a good luck.



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