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Re: Mortgage and buying solutions

Posted By: Mark (ip98-165-193-242.ph.ph.cox.net)
Date: Tuesday, 9 September 2008, at 12:05 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Mortgage and buying solutions (Laurie)

Are you sure you're with MABS? I've had nothing but a great experience with them. The people were cool, the marketing team was uber-professional, and I've made about 6 grand so far. not to bad from the initial 495 I put in, but I did all my own advertising. (you gotta be smart to make money people... can't be lazy).

> I to wish I had checked Mortgage &
> Buying Solutions out before signing on with
> them! I have never been involved in a scam
> before and was just very gullable. Just
> can't believe people can be so dishonest!
> They called me, gave their sales pitch and
> no matter how hard I tried to tell them
> "no this isn't for me" they always
> had a come back. I even told them how I was
> disabled and had nerve and anxiety problems
> and just didn't need more stress in my life,
> they just kept on. Stupidly I signed up for
> $19.95 & $195.00. I had already asked
> them if there would be any additional cost
> or did I have to deal with people. Nope was
> their answer to both questions. After that
> they must have called back 3-4 times and the
> man always had a differnt name and
> title-kind of wierd, huh? Then on about the
> fourth phone call they asked about my credit
> cards, what was my credit line, if I carried
> a balance on them and what was my balance.
> That's when they hit me up for an additional
> $5000. but gave me a program for &2995.00
> instead when I hesitated(he had to speak to
> his supervisor first though).
> We had another phone conversation set up for
> a Friday evening but I had to call and leave
> a message changing it to Monday, same time.
> If there was a problem just give us a call.
> Monday came and went,we tried numerouse
> times to call them at a number they had
> given us, but always had to leave a message.
> Never heard from them again. I turned them
> into my credit cards dispute dept. and the
> BBB along with every thing I had from them
> and messages like this off my computer. Now
> they are trying to say they couldn't reach
> us by e-mail,home phone or our cell phones.
> I'm going to turn them into the Attorney
> General too.
> These guys are good con people. I realize
> just how goofy I was now. When I think back
> to the conversations, I remember how they
> spoke so fast to get you all excited about
> this great opportunity they were offering
> you so you could make all this money. Also I
> never got a straight answer to any of my
> questions, but they are so good you don't
> even realize it at the time, or at least I
> didn't! Don't let them get away with this.I
> called the BBB in Mpls. and Arizona, my
> credit cards and I will be calling the
> Attorney General today. After talking to
> them at the Dispute Dept at my credit card
> company I truely believe that I will get my
> money back. Things I never thought we could
> do any thing about I found out we could.
> Also they told me to go to my cell phone (or
> what ever you are using)and get a print out
> of all phone calls since I signed with them.
> I sent a registered letter to them which
> they refused so I'm sending that to them
> too. Hope this will help some one out there
> and encourage you to keep pressing on in
> this matter and hopefully put a stop to
> these people and get your money back!


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