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DevVicky Word may be good for eBook writers

Posted By: Steve MacLellan (blk-137-86-42.eastlink.ca)
Date: Saturday, 30 October 2010, at 8:17 a.m.

I found a free program called DevVicky Word which claims to be a Microsoft Word alternative, but it might be something that eBook creators will find useful. The say:

DevVicky Word is a stable, feature-savvy free microsoft word alternative as a processor unbound by a proprietary file formats. Besides handling an equally impressive number of file formats, DevVicky Word’s feature set includes everything one would expect in a modern word processor, plus numerous ground-breaking and advanced features allowing it to compete with many proprietary word processors successfully.

The Interface looks similar to Word 2007 but it has some additional nice features. It can open Open Office documents and Word documents including ones saved with the .docx extension. And it can save to these formats as well.

It can also create pdf documents like Open Office and it can hide the actual link behind the hypertext, so that readers aren't seeing a long url. It will also import pdf files and save them in Word or Open Office format — and it doesn't do too bad of job either. I was impressed.

There are a couple of things I wasn't overly pleased with though.... some of the shortcuts for text decoration don't seem to work. Trying to use Ctrl+B to bold some text didn't work, and neither did shortcuts for Italics or Underlines. You have to select the text and then use the button in the toolbar to perform the action.

It also claims it has a:

Spell Checking — Fully-featured, robust and fast spell checking for your documents


When I clicked on the button to spell check a document, I got an error message that the program couldn't find the dictionary (en-CA.dic) located at "Documents and Settings\Steve\Desktop". Well of course it couldn't find it! There was never any dictionary installed on my desktop.

Well, I rooted around online for a little while. I came across an article somewhere saying this program could be installed on a stick and used as a portable program. Apparently it doesn't write any files to your computer's registry — that's cool...

I found a dictionary with the same name as part of a dictionary package that can be download for free from sourceforge.net in a project called Netspell. Once I installed this program I was able to copy the dictionary file to my desktop where DevVicky Word was looking for it. This worked fine!

I'm going to post the link to the website below. But remember, if you download the program to have a look at it and run into the same problem with the dictionary that I did, you might want to come back and copy the url for NetSpell.

Best Regards,
Steve MacLellan

DevVicky Word


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