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SEARS is synonymous with SCROOGE!

Posted By: Steve MacLellan (blk-137-86-42.eastlink.ca)
Date: Tuesday, 14 December 2010, at 6:42 a.m.

I was at Sears and bought a couple of clothing items for my teenage daughter. When I went to pay for the items, the cashier informed me I could get 30% with a credit card. I have a Visa and Mastercard, but she said in order to get the discount I would have to have a "Sears credit card". I explained that I very seldom shopped at the store, but she said it didn't matter, and at least I would be able to save money on this purchase.

I like saving money as well as the next guy. So I paid "cash" for the items. She applied the discount and said my new card would arrive in the mail.

Of course... as any father of a teenage daughter knows, Dad can't pick out clothes. They had to go back. So the next day, back to Sears I go to return the items and get a refund.

I was informed I could not get a cash refund, but a credit would be applied to the credit card they were mailing me. I said to let me see if I got this right. I paid "cash" but they couldn't refund cash. And that's when I got hit with this "store policy" thing. Well... how can you argue with that? Simply, you can't. I restated that I seldom shopped at Sears so this form of reimbursement was impractical for my needs at best. Of course, by this time, they were done listening to me.

Why would they do this? Here is why. This image of my Sears credit card statement shows the $56.15 that was credited to my account from the return of these items. It also shows they have applied a $25 admin fee to my card (which has only been used in conjunction with this purchase), which leaves me a credit of $31.15.

I might point out that I returned ALL of the items... not half. Their "store policy" has entitled them to take almost half of the money they owe me for this refund.

You can call it "policy". You can call it "failure to read the fine print". You can say "the store is within it's rights...." But I call a spade a spade. This is stealing as far as I'm concerned. My call to customer service was just a "brush-off". They said they would cancel my account at my request, but they are keeping the $25.

Well, it's not a lot of money; but it's the principle of the thing. I spent tons on Christmas shopping but Sears didn't get a dime of it. Like the old saying goes "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." It's my own fault if I ever step foot inside their store again.

Steve MacLellan


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