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4 Reasons to Submit Articles

Posted By: amuthanjrv (
Date: Tuesday, 22 February 2011, at 11:59 p.m.

Submitting articles can replace and greatly exceed your current job or source of income. 93% of all people fail to realize this and for that reason alone many fail but do not worry you will not t be part of that statistic once having completed reading this article.

Do not risk leaving this page before you clearly understand the concepts provided for you. Only 1% of people know exactly what to do to create real wealth and financial freedom, and then actually go out and do it. Today I sadly can only provide you with the knowing what to do but as for the action part only you can do it, I cannot make you do anything. With this article I will be bringing you to water in the desert but only you can drink from it, I cannot do the drinking for you. You are going to learn some submission secrets that others try to hide. Why I am going to reveal them? What can I say? I am rebel marketer and I want to build some rapport with you. You will find out why this is so important.

1. Firstly only ever create unique high quality content to submit to the article directories. Do not engage in the tactics that will only hurt you. Like article spinning, search engines will pick up on this and all the time you spent submitting to 100's of directories will be pointless. Instead must sure it is unique this will actually bring you more traffic, because you will be better ranked in the search engines therefore more traffic.

2. Creating a list is actually far more profitable than you ever imagined because if you had just made a one-time sale from your visitor that would have been it, but now that you all these targeted peoples emails you can market several different products for years to come.

3. Read this one very carefully, it is more important than it seems. Submit an article that is unique to one article directory and then submit another unique article to another article directory and so and so. Why you ask instead of spinning?

Well you will be ranked better for all your articles because they are original content, article directories just like search engines love unique content and better yet so do the people who read your articles.
Your articles will not get rejected from the article directories.
You will obtain more one way back links to your site from different url's, for those who do not know, this is very important to ranking higher in the search engines. I could write a book of why this is better but I think you get the idea.

4. You will be building credibility with your potential customers, which only helps to build rapport between you and them and this in turn leads them to be more open with you. Why is this better?

For the reason that they will trust you and want to build a relationship with you and this is the absolute best thing for any business. As a customer that you have a relationship with, is far less likely to go to a competitor and actually buys more frequently from you.

I want to build so more rapport with you right now, so I will be honest and let you in on a secret everything mentioned here can really have you building your wealth but there is one easy method that can potential see your bank account double in a matter of months. Unfortunately I cannot reveal it here as it is too powerful for this article.

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