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Increase email conversions by 85%

Posted By: Steve MacLellan (blk-137-83-72.eastlink.ca)
Date: Sunday, 20 March 2011, at 6:23 a.m.

I was watching a re-play of a webniar from Marketing Experiments this morning. Something they said at the beginning of it really caught my attention. The basics of it is this:

Prospects and customers log on every morning and download their email. If they see one from someone they know they open it and quickly scan it to eliminate it by the delete button.

They take a quick look to see if there is anything there of interest, and if not, they hit the delete button so they can quickly go through the few dozen messages they receive daily, and move on to the ones that are important. Is the message from you important? You have less than 30 seconds to tell them it is.

The webinar gives some great examples too. Look at these two crafted html emails below and guess which is the best one.

e-engage.gif 580x324

I looked at these. And I said to myself "Version A speaks directly to you, followed by bullet points" ...which we all know bullet points gather more attention than multiple paragraphs of text. On a landing page, typical use of bullets is to emphasize the key benefits of your offer. So I would think this will be the thing that captures the readers attention. Once someone reads this, it is easy to see that they will click the button that says "Download Guide".

Unfortunately, as cleaver as I think I am, I was part of the 85% who got this test wrong by choosing version A over version B.

Version A resembles an ad too much whereas Version B shows three paragraphs from the actual report and then a button that says "View full article" so now these people can visualize reading the full report. Version B is 85% more effective than version A.

I'm not affiliated with Marketing Experiments in any way and I don't receive any compensation for suggesting you watch the replay of this webniar. The whole purpose of this discussion forum is to simply point out things to you that could assist you in your online business, regardless of whether its software, or articles or some other resources I've ran across.

The webinar runs for 45 minutes or so, and I feel it's worth watching. If you would like to watch it too, please click the link below.

Steve MacLellan

Crafting an Engaging Email Message


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