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Re: Type at Home Business-Scam?

Posted By: maria meister (dialup-
Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2007, at 12:42 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Type at Home Business-Scam? (Casey)

> PAAALEEESE!! I was initially excited to have stumbled on this website. It just seems impossible to get an unbiased review or honest feedback and real people's experiences regarding these type of online "business opportunities."
That being said, I am utterly disgusted with most of these responses. Steve asked a fair question and received absolutely NO real feedback!! Instead, most of these replies are self-promoting, dishonest, selfish predators simply eying up their next prey. Hee hee, they say to themselves, Steve fell for it once...maybe he'll click on my site and I can give him false hope, empty promises and milk him for all he's worth!!
WOW!! I seriously do not understand people. And maybe I am a silly optimist but you guys made me actually cry. When will this world wake up and reach out honestly to share their valuable and worthy knowledge?
Treat others like you want to be treated. Love thy neighbor as you would yourself. People's feelings are not a commodity for you to inspect for its weaknesses and devour at will.

Shame on you!

Maria from Madtown.

Steve: I have tried all of those paid email, surveys, shopping, etc. They all make you fill out intense, time-consuming, deceptive surveys that essentially make you sign up or pay for something in order to get to the "real" survey (if it exists). Usually, you fill it out for over 1/2 hour and find that you "don't qualify", or you were actually paid $1.00 for your time! $2/hour--I'm worth more than that.


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