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Re: This could work!

Posted By: Jane (c-68-50-42-229.hsd1.va.comcast.net)
Date: Tuesday, 13 February 2007, at 9:36 p.m.

In Response To: This could work! (Coalie)

> I have read about a way to possibly make
> some good money. Yes, I know that sounds
> like a spam email and I apologize for that
> but please hear me out. This is FREE with no
> hidden anything.

> There is a new company forming that Bill
> Gates himself claims could make it big. That
> statement got my attention. If you google
> the words Bill Gates and Agloco you can see
> for yourself what I am saying is true.

> Agloco (short for A Global Community) is a
> new company that is paying itís members in
> company shares to surf the internet. All you
> have to do is surf like you normally would
> and refer more people. I know it sounds
> fishy but Iíve been looking into it and it
> sounds like it could really work. You refer
> as many people as you can to build your
> downline.

> How it works is simple, you download a very
> simple viewbar that gets placed in your web
> browser, from there you surf the internet
> with that viewbar running for 5 hours each
> and every month, then if you do not want to
> use the viewbar after that 5 hours simply
> minimize it until the next month. The more
> people you refer that uses the viewbar, the
> more money you will make.

> Now that you know a bit about Agloco let me
> explain what I have just learned from a
> recent news release from the company, for
> many month's agloco has been in a beta stage
> (Pre-Launch), and they have announced that
> the viewbar will be avalible for download in
> 4 to 7 weeks from now, so early 2007 we can
> all start earning, for the last few weeks
> they have allowed the members of the site to
> begin building their referral network and in
> that short time some people have already
> referred up to 1000 people.

> So how much shares can you make?, well this
> is something we have all wanted to know for
> a long time and with a recent news brief
> saying that 1 hours surfed = 1 share, this
> means that if you surf the max 5 hours per
> month you'll get 5 company shares, as you
> can tell this is why you need to refer
> people because you also get an additional 5
> shares per month for every single person you
> refer, and for every single person they
> refer.

> Ok let me get back onto topic here with bill
> gates, just one week ago he told the world
> that he liked the concept behind Agloco and
> said that if they can meet there July 1st
> goal of 10 million members, they will be the
> next big thing that the internet public can
> look forward to.

> Well for a while now I've wondered if Agloco
> was the real deal, some of it sounded a bit
> too good to be true so I've always been
> skeptical about them, that is until now, I
> donít know about you but when a
> milti-billionare business man who created an
> empire tells people that the Agloco system
> I've been using is going to be the next big
> thing makes me extremely happy.

> In addition to the recent bill gates
> statement, I've also discovered some more
> very valuable information to back up
> Agloco's history, some of the founding
> members of Agloco were actually the founding
> members of a pre dot-com website known as
> AllAdvantage that paid out over 120 million
> dollars in advertising revenue to their
> members, this is another huge thing which
> makes me very happy as a member because I
> now know this system is for real and I now
> know that they have a previous successful
> history in the online business sector.

> The best thing is Agloco is 100% FREE to
> join and you still have a lot of time to get
> ahead of the crowd that is going to take the
> internet by storm.

> If you are interested in learning more about
> this please use this link so Iíll get credit
> for referring you.
> http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBR1161

> Thank you so much. Iím crossing my fingers
> that this works! What do you think??

Anything that sounds to good to be true is.


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