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Re: Good Network Marketing

Posted By: Nawar (
Date: Friday, 16 February 2007, at 4:04 a.m.

In Response To: Good Network Marketing (Tan Marsden)


I agree with your statement.

Network Marketing is the most outstanding business opportunity because it allows the average person to achieve extraordinary results with the power of leverage: leverage of time, money and resources. Network marketers can open a business with very little financial investment and, with commitment and hard work, they can find great success.

Leverage of Time:

The power of network marketing is that marketers are not only using their talents and skills to grow their business, they are building an organization of people below them to do the same. If you worked on your business 10 hours a week for a year, you would have put 520 hours into growing your business. But, imagine if you had just 2 reps under you, and they had 2 reps under them, and that you all only worked on the business 5 hours a week. You would now have 1300 hours put into your business for the year. That is the power of network marketing.

Leverage of Money:

The significant difference between network marketing and a regular job is that, while a job has linear income, network marketing offers residual income. This means that, at a job, you only get paid once for your efforts. To make more money you have to work more hours. Obviously, your income is capped by how many hours you can work in a day. Network marketing has no such limits because the efforts of others are also helping you grow your business. Your income level is unlimited! And, as I mentioned, it also offers residual income. This means that you can get paid for years to come off of the work you do today! A pretty exciting concept, isn't it?

Leverage of Resources:

Network marketers don't have to reinvent the wheel to succeed in business. They simply have to follow the example of the leaders in their organization who are already successful. They also have a team available to help them along the way and answer any questions or concerns they may have. When you join the right team, you have an immediate family dedicated to your success!

Network Marketing Defined:

So, what exactly is network marketing?

Have you ever referred a movie to someone or told them about a book you liked? That was network marketing! You've actually been practicing it for years, only now you have the opportunity to get paid for it! Network marketing is simply a marketing technique that uses "word of mouth" referrals to sell goods or services.

Approximately 4-5 million people are involved in network marketing. The specialized network marketing companies sell an estimated $12-15 billion in products and services annually in the United States. Global sales run in the $40-50 billion range.

Network marketing companies are found in almost every industry including, personal care products, vitamins, health aids, natural products, home/family care products, environmental filtration systems, security devices, consumer and business services, and leisure/educational products.

Especially in today's environment of uncertainty and corporate layoffs, network marketing can be a very attractive option for many people, either as a means to earn supplemental income or as a new, nontraditional career path. Not only is the income potential unlimited, but it allows someone the freedom to work their own hours in the comfort of their home. And, as those familiar with the industry know, it tends to attract friendly, upbeat people who enjoy helping others succeed.

In short, network marketing is an amazing opportunity that is just now reaching the main stream. It is an 80 billion industry and moving rapidly to the $100 billion mark. It has also achieved academic credibility, being taught now as a course at The University of Illinois at Chicago, and has received positive press coverage in publications such as the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal.

The 21st Century should be an exciting time for Network Marketers as more people from other countries come online and see the potential of this business. Remember, the big money has yet to be made!!

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