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Re: Help with Ebook

Posted By: Claire (dialin-161-119.vancouver.primus.ca)
Date: Friday, 8 June 2007, at 9:12 p.m.

In Response To: Help with Ebook (Vernon Brabham)

Go visit prweb.com and open a free account there.
Visit all the categories which interest you and read the articles. Many of them are written as press releases but in a manner which leads people to the subject of the article (a service or product one sells). You can put an interesting excerpt from the book itself.

Why don't you sell it? If you feature it on PRWeb I suggest to pay $10.- to PRWeb in order to have an upgraded listing of your press release + they immediately distribute it to yahoo news and google news etc. (picked up by all the news services) and for that price you will be able to see how many news services, libraries, and directories, collected the article to feature it by them, etc.

Actually, Steve, your site and services are so good, and you write so well, why don't you too publish something at PRWeb? As I said, it pays a million fold to have their cheapest paid service per article.

They say they reject something which is blatently self-advertisement, but if you write an article about web design, or publish one of your newsletters there, then you can definitely promote your site and services.

But: Always write in the "third person" as if someone else is writing about you, e.g. "Designing a web site..........." says Steve McLellan of homebusiness-websites, specializing in assisting small business owners create profitable websites web sites etc. etc.


> I have written (compilied) an Ebook with few
> sales. Would somebody go to
> www.topsitesforparents.com and see what you
> think about the sales page. For a free copy
> of the book go to
> www.topsitesforparents.com/tu4order.html.
> Thanks!


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