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Re: Type at Home rip off

Posted By: Lynn (64-90-92-8.brainerd.net)
Date: Saturday, 8 September 2007, at 5:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Type at Home rip off (Jeff)

Jeff, if you read the posts, these people couldn't even figure out how to get into the program to start with so it's not as though they're just looking for an easy way out to get their money back! They got scammed by Billy and have a right to vent here! Thank God they did so I didn't fall for it.

Also, why shouldn't you be able to check out a program before buying it? You can try on clothes before buying them. You can test drive a vehicle before buying it. Why shouldn't you see what they are really offering before buying? Probably because it's a scam and they don't want you to know that you have to pay more to actually get the info they promised to you.

Yeah, Jeff, I can see your point - if someone is trying to steal your information from you then they are as bad as the scam artists, but this is supposedly a product/service they provide for only the $49 and they should tell you what is really involved before you sign up. Obviously, they shouldn't have to give all their secrets for free but they should disclose what is really involved.

They should fully disclose the cost of getting started. After all, they do say that $49 is the only cost - never be billed again. Well, sure, not until you authorize them again b/c you cannot get in until you pay more money. If it costs $100 to get started, they should just charge that upfront & not lie to you to get you to sucker up some more money.

Also, you mention that you "sell it" too. The advertising says you can make that kind of money typing from home, not that selling is required to make that kind of money. Sure, in selling there's typing involved as you need to get your advertising out there, but that is stretching the truth of their ad!

So, for most of us, I'd say run away from this program and spend your $49 on gas to get to work for a couple of days!

There really are some legitimate ways to make money from home online, but they mostly involve MLM and being able to advertise your web site to get people to your web site to join under you. As Jeff said, you do need to learn the business and work it. So, don't believe ANY site that says it's easy to make money from home with little or no effort. Unless you already know all the secrets to advertising or have a lot of money to spend on advertising, expect to put some time into your opportunity to get the word out and work the business to make some decent money. I found an opportunity where there really is training and legitimate money and the actual investment was stated upfront, but I still need to be able to get the advertising out there to grow the business and teach it to others. It's something I enjoy so will get started on spreading the word, but for now it will take more than 30 minutes a day!!

In researching if a company is legitimate or not, I find that searching for the company, person's name on the site, or any information you can get off their web site along with "rip off report" will get you better results than searching "scam" with their info as a "scam" search will usually get you to more sites with similar offers!!!

Good luck to all in finding your ideal, legitimate, work-from-home job!



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