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Re: Mortgage and buying solutions

Posted By: Laurie (
Date: Monday, 16 June 2008, at 11:21 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Mortgage and buying solutions (DNO) (Laurie)

I to wish I had checked Mortgage & Buying Solutions out before signing on with them! I have never been involved in a scam before and was just very gullable. Just can't believe people can be so dishonest! They called me, gave their sales pitch and no matter how hard I tried to tell them "no this isn't for me" they always had a come back. I even told them how I was disabled and had nerve and anxiety problems and just didn't need more stress in my life, they just kept on. Stupidly I signed up for $19.95 & $195.00. I had already asked them if there would be any additional cost or did I have to deal with people. Nope was their answer to both questions. After that they must have called back 3-4 times and the man always had a differnt name and title-kind of wierd, huh? Then on about the fourth phone call they asked about my credit cards, what was my credit line, if I carried a balance on them and what was my balance. That's when they hit me up for an additional $5000. but gave me a program for &2995.00 instead when I hesitated(he had to speak to his supervisor first though).
We had another phone conversation set up for a Friday evening but I had to call and leave a message changing it to Monday, same time. If there was a problem just give us a call. Monday came and went,we tried numerouse times to call them at a number they had given us, but always had to leave a message. Never heard from them again. I turned them into my credit cards dispute dept. and the BBB along with every thing I had from them and messages like this off my computer. Now they are trying to say they couldn't reach us by e-mail,home phone or our cell phones. I'm going to turn them into the Attorney General too.
These guys are good con people. I realize just how goofy I was now. When I think back to the conversations, I remember how they spoke so fast to get you all excited about this great opportunity they were offering you so you could make all this money. Also I never got a straight answer to any of my questions, but they are so good you don't even realize it at the time, or at least I didn't! Don't let them get away with this.I called the BBB in Mpls. and Arizona, my credit cards and I will be calling the Attorney General today. After talking to them at the Dispute Dept at my credit card company I truely believe that I will get my money back. Things I never thought we could do any thing about I found out we could. Also they told me to go to my cell phone (or what ever you are using)and get a print out of all phone calls since I signed with them. I sent a registered letter to them which they refused so I'm sending that to them too. Hope this will help some one out there and encourage you to keep pressing on in this matter and hopefully put a stop to these people and get your money back!


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