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Re: A new list of MLMers ... worth it?

Posted By: Warren Contreras (c-24-20-32-200.hsd1.wa.comcast.net)
Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2009, at 1:41 a.m.

In Response To: A new list of MLMers ... worth it? (Excited-Dave)

Think about this from the listed person's point of view. Do you think they know they are on that list and are ready and waiting for you to contact them? Do you really think you are the only one that will be contacting them about joining something new?

I tried this method of marketing a few years ago and NEVER AGAIN. I had poor broke housewives with kids screaming in the background totally pi**ed after I was the 100th person to contact them that week and slam the phone down in my ear after they cussed me out.

Just because they were in another MLM that failed doesn't mean they want to join another one, in fact it could have the opposite effect.

Why not just generate your own leads that are keyed to you and expecting your next response?

Think about it . . .

> I was told about this 2 days ago and have
> been thinking about it since:

> http://www.howtogetprospects.com/privatedatabase/index1.htm

> It's advertised as a new list of 678,000+
> network marketers.

> I got in touch with the guys selling it to
> see how old this is. Their email back said
> it was compiled 7 weeks ago and some of the
> distributor lists such as the 94000 Monavie
> distributors are brand new.

> Iím thinking of buying this.

> They're only releasing a few copies. Which
> may be true or not, I don't know but it's a
> bit of an investment.

> I've been buying biz opp leads and those
> work out well for our team. But these are
> actual MLMers. With phone and email
> information. I'd rather have my team
> contacting MLMers especially since we're on
> a binary system. Just 1 good leader on
> either side and I'll be quite well off!! ;-)

> And me and my team would have almost 700,000
> network marketer distributors to work
> through.

> But, again, it's a bit of an investment.

> I'm thinking of splitting the costs with 1
> or 2 of my leaders though...

> Thoughts?

> ps. I know some of you guys just do internet
> marketing so I guess this isn't really
> relevant to you. But MLM-ites ... what do
> you think??



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