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Take that Ring Out of Your Nose and Market Network like a Pro

Posted By: Sergio Ervini (
Date: Saturday, 14 October 2006, at 11:07 a.m.

I can't believe tha we are in year 2006 and we still promote our business like we were on the Stone Age.

Before I go forward let see what we are using to get some Traffic to our business our days;

Search Engines

Search engines are the yellow pages for a home business web site. Over 80% of Internet surfers use search engines to find information on the web. To get the most traffic to your site, list with the big search engine players Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

On-line Ads

The Internet has many sites where you can list your home business web site for free. To guarantee the greatest exposure, place your ad on several (20 or more) sites and repeat the process every month.

Banner advertisements can be as effective as TV spots in increasing customer awareness of your business.

Bloggin' It

Bloggers are the hot new information medium. Getting them to write about your home business web site is an excellent way to gain exposure to potential customers.

Off-line Ads

Your car is a moving billboard for a home business web site.

Old Media Standby

Regardless of what the bloggers say, people still read the printed page. Run ads in the classifieds of large and small papers, trade magazines.

NOw we coverd some of the places to advertise, there are others way but that is not the purpose of this information I would like to share with you.

So back to the "Stone Age", what the poeple are doing, they got a site to promote on their opportunity they just go on one of all of this source and simply place their ads that goes like this "new oportunity join my MLM exellent compensation plans an so on.." with out having any results, why ?

Because it doesn't work like this and most of the readers are allready in a program so why should they join yours? Right !

NOw what do you think will be they response rate if they would offer "sell" a solution in how to market your MLM,Network?

You see ! that's different and once they got the informations you could back end with your opportunity program once they fill safe you are a person who helped themgo forward with their BIZ.

That's called "Funded Proposal" and is used by all the most successfull business Networker around the world "how do you think they enroll thousands and thousands of people?".

So instead of doing the "my business is better than yours game" and spending a lots of money and time do a "Funded Proposal" that will make you money before you enroll someone in your Business.


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