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Posted By: Nino Salise (
Date: Sunday, 15 October 2006, at 7:54 p.m.

In Response To: Investment in Window Cleaning (albert martinez)

Window Cleaning is a great way to inhance the view home or office. In every home windows collect dust and other bacterias starting from your mini-blinds or shutters. We offer services to also clean your mini-blinds before cleaning your windows. Windows is the place of lighting for your home. Dirty windows causes your homes to look dull and muggy. By eliminating the dust and other debris from the inside and outside your windows, you'll get that new look within your home. We also offer window tinting to help home owners and building owner save up to 83% on their electric bills within 2 1/2 year. Window tinting also helps reduce glare, fading of furnitures, wood floor, and drapes, and reduce the ultra violet rays from intering your home up to 99%. Tinting your home ads value with a transferable life time warranty. Tint can last from 12 to 22 years or more in most films. Protect your home today! If you were in Texas we are serviceing the Dallas and Houston areas. Visit our website at http://www.hhsn.ws or e-mail us for any questions. We are also a member of the International Window Cleaners Directory.


Why you should clean your gutters frequently!

Gutters are your homes debri collectors. They Collect rain water in order to help your surroundings from making lots of mess. They allso collect your shingles run off, which over time can block the flow of rain water from getting into the downward spouts arround your home or building. When water can't run down the spouts they are heavy for your gutters braces to hold. That's how your gutters starts to break apart from its hinges and braces. Not only that the gutter holds water, but in the winter it holds the water and freezes it. Now adding more weight to the structure of your gutters.
Gutters in the fall season collect alot of falling leaves and other branches. These materials helps block the flow of water from getting to the spouts. In the spring, gutters collect dead flowers and other fruits that the birds and animals drop down from trees or from flight. In the summer gutters coolect dust that had been blown by the wind and caked in by the occational rain that falls from here and there.

Now you know the important it is to Clean your windows and protect your home and how gutter cleaning can help the structures of your home.
Please e-mail us at DARKTINT@HOTMAIL.COM OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT http://www.hhsn.ws

Investing in getting your windows and gutters cleaned is an investment you can afford in helping to mentain your homes beauty and shape.
These helpful hints is brought to you by:
Offices In:
Houston and Dallas Texas
Website: www.hhsn.ws
Direct E-mail: Darktint@hotmail.com



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