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The WHY you are in Business dictate your Success !

Posted By: Sergio Ervini (
Date: Monday, 6 November 2006, at 11:52 a.m.

There are hundreds of business ventures you can start from your home Internet access.Every day Thousands of new people discover online business opportunities.

The first approach is usually to make some extra cash to buy or pay
small bills, let say from 200$ to 500$.One of the biggest reason people jump to this new business adventures,is that you can start up at very low cost and run it in the confort of your home.

Now as times goes by you start to get the real picture and the possibilities to earn a living or even a retire on it, you begining to think going full time.

Here where your "Why" comes in,now you started your business to make 200$ to 500$,and if you were constant you probably made it after a while.
Your "Why" back then was to pay for small bills or pay for something you really wanted to buy,and every time you doubt it about making that money
with your business and want to stop your "WHY" keeps you going.(if you didn't have a "Why" chances are you didn't make any money)

We all agree that you will not do the same amounts of quality activities
when you earn 12000$ a month then when you earn 200$.

Now if you are thinking about going Full time and start earning from 2000$
to 5000$ average you will never make it if you keep your old 200$ reason "Why".To make ten or hundred times larger check every month your "Why" must be hundred times biggest and stronger.

The best advice I can give you is Find Your "WHY" what ever are your goals
you must before find it.

Your "WHY" is primary with out it your goals are just words written on the paper and at the first difficulties you will Stop or change Business because you don't have your ("Why"source)that help you focus and keep you going to your final destination.

What is the source or engine of the success ?

All the really wealthy answered : YOUR "WHY"

To achieve your biggest goals You Why must be Bigger than You.

Sergio Ervini


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